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Start Your Own Baby Pool


Expand the joy of expecting a child with friends and family from around the globe.

What does a account look like ...

See example account sites:

1. Pool "In Progress" (form to submit guesses shown)
2. "Completed" Pool (winner calculated, all participants ranked)
3. Pool using the Photo Upload option (This example also shows only birth date, gender, first name & middle name components in use.)

Pool Components:

date of birth     time of birth    weight    length    
hair    eyes    first name    middle name

New!You decide which components to include in your pool. For instance, if the name and gender is already established, you can remove those elements so participants only guess on date/time, weight, length, tint of hair and tint of eyes.

Or, let's say you just want everyone to guess the date and give you name ideas – you can just select date, first & middle name.

Your participants can also leave you congratulations/comments with their guess—printing out your pool at the end makes for a creative edition for a baby album or scrapbook.

Once the big day comes, the actual results can be entered in and crunches all the numbers for you to determine each participant's ranking (who will achieve ultimate bragging rights with the #1 ranking?–it's anyone's game).

Start your own baby pool—for Free—in 3 simple steps:

  1. Signup Form / Create Pool

  2. Ready to Use at:

    Email your pool URL to friends and family, place it on your blog / facebook / myspace / other social networks - anywhere you wish.

    At any time, Login and customize your new baby pool.

    Change welcome message, pool(site) name, upload a photo, set options, etc.
  3. It's That Simple

    Enjoy seeing parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, and your various circles of friends drop by and join the fun (great way to gather baby name ideas!).

    It's quick!–the people who participate in baby pools do not have to login - it's only necessary for you to administer your pool.

    Get Started