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Drew and Marcie's Baby Pool

Welcome to our baby pool. We look forward to your participation! Isabel Jane is due November 28th.


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2010-10-15 10:38:35Marcie aka  2010-11-2410:0017.5007.500
7 lbs 8oz
2010-10-15 14:41:37Nana Locke (aka Martha)jlockefami
7 lbs 2oz
RedBlueI said blue eyes, because most babies are born with blue eyes, but I think eventually they'll turn green or hazel. And I said red hair in honor of her Auntie Em and Aunt Jana. Baby Isabel, if you're not born on November 27th at 10 a.m., that's okay with Nana. You just come when you're good and ready. We're definitely all ready for you!!!
2010-10-15 15:24:47Jessijessi.hark
7 lbs 4oz
BrownBlueCan't wait to meet you, Isabel!
2010-10-15 16:11:32GILLIAN!!!meowmers@?
7 lbs 7oz
BlackBluewell when i was born i supossedly looked like a "little mexican boy" so i think marcies baby will too! But little isabel will be very beautiful!oh and by the way i feel rather lucky!
2010-10-18 12:32:23Auntie Em 2010-11-1405:3619.8007.688
7 lbs 11oz
BrownHazelIsabel will be gorgeous no matter what and has an aunt who is already her biggest fan!
2010-10-28 15:19:39Kelly kellybetha
7 lbs 8oz
2010-10-28 17:25:43Aunt Lisa 2010-11-2823:3319.5007.500
7 lbs 8oz
BrownBlue31 days? Awesome. I can't wait for Isabel to be born so we can share birthdays. I'll even give her the biggest share. ;)

ps - I had no idea what to put on any of this except to note that lots of newborns are around 19.5 inches long!

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Guesses:    7
Average Length:    19.44 in
Average Weight:        7.43 lbs
0 Bald (0%)
1 Black (14%)
0 Blond (0%)
4 Brown (57%)
2 Red (29%)
5 Blue (71%)
0 Brown (0%)
0 Green (0%)
0 Gray (0%)
2 Hazel (29%)

Scoring Explanation:

A pool entry/guess entails up to 9 components. The pool administrator chooses which components to include (in dark text below). An exact match results in a zero (0)—a perfect score—for that component. The overall score is the total points of all the active components.

Points are determined as follows:

Birth Date
1 point for each day of the week before or after actual (for instance, off by two weeks means 14 points).

Birth Time
A value ranging roughly between 0 – 3 points for time of day (approximately 0.12 points per hour difference. For instance, plus or minus 4 hours is approximately a half point; birth date is not part of the calculation, so clock time is relative and not calculated across the midnight boundary).

1 point if guess is wrong.

1 point for every inch (or 0.3937 points per cm) greater or less than actual (technically, if the actual is 20 inches and the guess is of 19.999, then 1/1000 of a point is added, for example).

1 point for every lb (or 2.2 points per kg) greater or less than actual (technically, if the actual is 7 lbs and the guess is of 7.001, then 1/1000 of a point is added, for example).

1 point if guess is wrong.

1 point if guess is wrong.

First Name & Middle Name
On average, one will gain 2 to 4 points for an incorrect guess.

The characters of a name are analyzed for similarity. Character parity, order, and count determine how close the guess is to the actual; phonetic distance is also taken into account. For example, if the actual name is "Bart", then:

"Barry" scores better than "Bartholomew" (count: Bart [4], Barry [5], Bartholomew [11]).
"Brad" scores better than "Jill" (parity: Brad contains the 'a' & 'r', but Jill contains neither).
"Marli" scores better than "Keira" (order: both contain the 'a' & 'r' of Bart, but in Keira it occurs in the wrong order).

If the actual name is "Stu", then:
"Stew" scores better than "Stan" (phonetic: pronunciation usage of 'u' more closely related to 'ew' than 'an').

Case matters ('A' is not equal to 'a')!

There's also significant penalty points for a guess that looks like a non-guess: "?" or "???", for instance.

Note: When the administrator of the baby pool enters the Actual Results, some, but not all components may be filled in. Actual Results components of numeric type which are left blank will default to zero (0). Blank multiple choice components will display blank and 1 point is applied equally to all participants for that component. If the Actual Results are removed and re-entered (for the sake of corrections/additions), scores will be recalculated. If a pool component is deselected by the pool administrator, any data entered while it was active will be ignored by the total score calculation.